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In the commercial area, a door is an important part of any building. It not only has to be aesthetically appealing but also strong enough to withstand weathering and other environmental factors.

The market for commercial doors in Washington DC is huge and many companies offer these products. However, their pricing can vary greatly depending on the quality of materials used or whether they deliver directly from their warehouse or via third-party vendors.

If you’re looking for a commercial door and you want to make sure that it is going to last, here are some tips on how to find the perfect one for you.


Understand The Different Commercial Door Designs

There are different commercial door designs for commercial spaces including exterior commercial doors, interior commercial doors, storefront commercial doors, and more. If your business is in Washington DC or its surrounding areas, make sure you know which commercial door designs are perfect for your establishment—not every commercial door design is applicable for all types of businesses.

For commercial door designs, what commercial door manufacturers in Washington DC recommend are commercial doors with high-security features. These commercial doors will keep your business safe from commercial lockouts or break-ins by commercial intruders.

If you want commercial doors that can last a long time and prevent thieves from getting into your commercial establishment, look for commercial door manufacturers who offer commercial door replacement parts to improve the strength of a broken-down commercial door. Some businesses may prefer wooden exterior commercial doors while others might go for aluminum alloy ones—it all depends on the appearance and style of your business.


How To Find The Perfect Commercial Door Manufacturer


Check the Company’s Reputation

Not a lot of commercial door manufacturers have a solid reputation in commercial doors manufacturing. However, some brands stand out from the rest because of their quality commercial products and customer service. In this niche, ask which commercial door brands are recommended and check whether they have good reviews.

When commercial door manufacturers have thousands of commercial door reviews online, you can be sure that their commercial doors are good enough for any commercial establishment.


Look For Experience

A commercial door manufacturer should have some years of experience in this field. Try finding commercial door manufacturers that have at least 10+ years of expertise working with commercial clients. A company’s track record matters so look for signs on how they operate and the number of commercial doors they’ve produced over the years.

Look for commercial door manufacturers that are capable of creating commercial doors that will withstand commercial door installation and commercial locksmith services.


Ask For Samples Or Commercial Door Catalogs

After you’ve done a thorough research and found commercial door manufacturers in Washington DC with high ratings and competitive prices, it’s time to ask for samples. Commercial doors don’t just arrive at your doorstep without any hassle so it’s best to look at them first to see if they’re the right choice for your commercial establishment instead of having them installed without prior inspection.

You can also ask for commercial door catalogs that contain different types of commercial doors—this way, you know what options are available and which ones will match your commercial style.


Find Out More About Their Commercial Doors

If you’re looking for commercial front doors or commercial office security doors, it is important to know what kind of commercial door you want before checking the commercial door manufacturer’s website.

Give yourself an idea about the commercial door style you prefer so that you can compare prices. The more information you provide to commercial door manufacture, the easier it will be to get quality results at an affordable price because they’ll know exactly what your requirements are.


Compare Quality And Price

When commercial door manufacturers offer commercial doors at different prices, make sure to check what commercial door features each of them provides. A commercial door with an emergency exit feature, for example, will be pricier than commercial doors that only need commercial lock installation.

The quality of commercial doors also matters because they’re vital pieces of your commercial establishment’s security system—you don’t want to get low-quality commercial doors just to save money when you’re compromising the safety of your business in the process.


Check if They Offer Lifetime Warranty On Parts And Labor

You want commercial doors that will last in the long run so look for commercial door manufacturers in MD, DC, VA, or any other location that provides commercial door warranty that lets you replace commercial door parts at no cost and commercial locksmith services with a free estimate.

Some commercial door manufacturers only give commercial door warranty for a year or two which can be burdensome to commercial establishment owners as the price of commercial doors increase as time goes by so it’s best to look for commercial door manufacturers that provide a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.


Check How They Handle Repairs Or Commercial Door Replacement Parts

A commercial door is important for any commercial establishment—it has to be strong enough to withstand commercial locksmith services. But even commercial doors can wear down after many years of use because there are natural elements that may cause damage like rain and snow especially if you’re in the Washington DC area where weather conditions can rapidly change from one season to another.

If you want commercial doors that won’t need repairs and commercial door replacement parts, commercial door manufacturers recommend choosing commercial doors from commercial door manufacturers who can provide commercial door replacement parts or offer commercial door repairs.


Do They Offer Any Customizations?

In commercial door manufacturing, commercial doors are made from commercial door materials that come in standard sizes. However, commercial door brands offer customizations depending on their clients’ preferences and commercial needs. For instance, some commercial door manufacturers allow glass or wall attachments to be installed at the commercial front doors they produce for commercial clients. When it comes to commercial automated sliding doors, some companies have custom engineering services.

As you check different commercial door manufacturers’ websites for commercial products, see if they offer any customizations like engraving or paint job options. A company with a wide range of customization choices is likely to be more helpful when your need requires these types of features because they can deliver commercial doors faster compared to commercial door companies that don’t offer commercial door customizations.


Are They Properly Licensed And Insured?

Before commercial door installations, commercial clients should make sure that the commercial door manufacturer’s commercial company is properly licensed and insured. Installing commercial doors can be dangerous business especially if you’re dealing with commercial automated sliding doors or commercial security doors for commercial office buildings in Maryland or commercial architectural steel doors.

As you read through different commercial door manufacturers’ websites, check whether they are licensed, bonded, and insured to provide your commercial building with reliable commercial front door repairs.


Do They Offer Any Emergency Commercial Door Services?

A commercial door manufacturer does not just offer new commercial front doors but also provides repair services when these properties need them most during times of emergencies. Check each company’s website to find out if commercial door offers commercial door emergency commercial door services for commercial business owners.


Don’t Forget The Extras!

Some commercial door companies offer extras such as installation services or emergency 24-hour commercial door repairs on top of their commercial front doors, office security door brands, garage & warehouse steel rolling door products, etc. These are important aspects of commercial door installation which commercial door companies in MD and commercial door manufacturers in DC may not highlight.

If you want to get commercial doors installed by a professional commercial door service company, check whether the commercial door company offers such services or if they have contacts that can perform such tasks. You don’t want your commercial front doors or commercial office security doors to be wobbly because of poor installation so always look out for these details!


Is Their Customer Service Good?

Last but not least, different commercial door manufacturers have different commercial customer service policies and their commercial front doors differ in terms of quality as well. For instance, some companies’ commercial doors may be made from low-quality materials compared to other companies.

So it’s important to ask whether the commercial door manufacturer offers any warranties on commercial products or how long does shipping usually takes before you make your final decision on which company will provide your commercial building with commercial doors.


Do you need a new door or door for your commercial business?

King Door and Lock is the leading provider of commercial doors in Washington DC. We provide high-quality, custom, and experienced products to our clients. Our team has been installing and servicing commercial doors since 1983. We are committed to providing the best customer service possible with every project we take on.

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We want to make sure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase and leave happy when they leave our site. That’s why we offer free estimates on all jobs before any work begins so there are no surprises down the line.


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