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In the market today, there are a number of doors that you can choose from. One of them is commercial doors. You may be thinking that what specific features does a door has to offer for it to be considered as a commercial one. It offers a lot of benefits for your company and one of those is security. Even if people come in with different motives, the door will ensure they do not get anywhere near your office or store without authorization. A lot of companies prefer installing commercial doors for this reason.

The installation of these doors can also help you save more on energy costs as they provide better insulation than conventional doors. If you install these doors, you won’t need to spend as much on heating and cooling bills as compared to before. There is a long list of benefits that come with commercial doors but the one you should be most concerned about is the security it provides.

But what if you already have a commercial door installed? How do you know when to replace them?

Signs that you need to install new commercial doors ASAP


1. The door is broken or damaged in some way

This is quite obvious. You can tell immediately when the door isn’t working properly because it appears different from when it was brand new. It may have dents, scratches, peeling paint, and other issues so it is best to have it repaired or replaced. Call on commercial door replacement services to do this job for you.


2. The door does not shut by itself

A commercial door should shut automatically once you leave it open for a certain amount of time. It is normal if the door doesn’t close right away when someone walks through or with just minimal force but once it needs too much effort to close, then that means that something is wrong. The locking system or even the spring may have issues so it is best to have the door fixed immediately.


3. The frame is weak or damaged

The frame of a commercial door should be sturdy enough to handle stress and weight each time someone comes in or goes out. You can tell that it isn’t working properly if you find dents on its surface. If the bottom of the frame is also bent then it means that it has been used for a long time and may need replacing. Take note that if you don’t replace these parts, it can cause accidents especially if there are children around.


4. The keys do not work anymore

Just like any other machine, a commercial door’s locking mechanisms are bound to malfunction after a long time of use. Sometimes, these parts are still functional but there are times when they cannot function properly anymore. Either way, you should have the locks replaced if they are not working properly.


5. The door is outdated

Sometimes, all the commercial door needs are just simple cleaning and maintenance so it can still look brand new. If it is already old and you’ve tried everything to fix the issues only to find out that there are still problems with how it looks, then it may be time to replace them already. Get a commercial door replacement service to do the job for you today.


6. The locks are faulty or malfunctioning

If the problem with your business’s security starts from the lock of the door, then you should know that it needs immediate repair. Otherwise, people can pick up these things quite easily and you don’t want to find out the hard way that someone has been going into your place without authorization.

When it comes to commercial doors, it is important that you change them as quickly as possible if they are already showing any signs of damage. This will ensure that no one else gets in but those who have a key or passcode. As the door is often the first thing people see when they visit your place, it can make a huge difference if you change them immediately. Plus, the safety of your employees and loved ones are also at stake.

Old employees remember things incorrectly. Sometimes, just plain old age can affect the memory of older people. If you have an employee who is already past retirement age, then there’s a huge possibility that they cannot remember simple things correctly anymore.

They might give you incorrect information about important matters or even endanger your business when it comes to security because they forget to lock the door or let important people in. Make sure that you always check and double-check whenever possible so your business will not have to deal with unnecessary problems.


7. The design no longer fits the aesthetic of the building

It’s quite obvious when commercial doors are mismatched with other things inside a business establishment, especially if it is an old place. While you can always upgrade the place, it is best to have a replacement service that can change the doors as well because not all of them are made from high-quality materials that would easily blend with the interior design.

It’s easy to know more about these commercial doors and their features because we have all this information on there for you to read. Our professionals will help you choose the very best door that will suit your business and preference. We give reasonable prices for our services.


King Door and Lock is a leading provider of commercial doors. We carry all sorts of door styles, from entry-level to high-end.


These include:

Wooden doors are the most traditional of all door types. They come in various styles, designs, and colors to suit your needs. Wooden doors can also be customized with windows or grills for better security.

There’s a reason why wooden doors have been around since ancient times – they’re durable, classy, and versatile! If you’re in need of an entrance that is elegant yet functional at the same time then this is your best bet!


Steel doors are the most popular of all commercial doors. This is because they come in various styles, designs, and colors to suit your needs while also being durable and versatile.

King Door and Lock provide steel doors for an affordable price so you can get a classy design without breaking your bank! Our steel doors can be customized with grills, windows, and locks to make the most secure entrances.

Leaf doors are another type of steel door that you can choose from. These are known for their elegant design while also being affordable at the same time. Not only do they look good but they’re also durable enough to stand up against harsh weather conditions! Enhance your business’s entrance with these luxurious doors.

Aluminum doors are yet another type of steel door offered by King Door and Lock. It is known for its resistance to corrosion and rust, making it perfect for coastal areas or open-air plants. These doors are also very sleek with their minimalistic design, which makes them fit in beautifully with modern buildings.


  • Custom Carved Wood Doors

We also have custom-carved wood doors for you to choose from. These aren’t just your regular wooden doors – they are carefully handcrafted with regard to color, form, design, and style so that you will get the most unique door there is in the market! Our professional craftsmen can also add specific features to the door, such as windows and locks.


If you’re looking for a door that is elegant yet functional at the same time, then glass doors are your best pick! The beauty of these types of doors cannot be denied because it enhances the look of any establishment. These also offer better security because they can be made bulletproof so there’s no way anyone can break through.


  • Heavy Duty Fire Rated Steel Doors

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty door then this type will be perfect for you. These doors are specially crafted to resist fire and withstand high temperatures, saving your business from potential danger.


  • Fiberglass Screens

If you’re looking for a door that is both practical and attractive at the same time then fiberglass screens are perfect for you. These doors give your business an air of sophistication while also being functional as they can filter dust from entering. This will ensure that your customers, equipment, and products inside will be free from contaminants!

And many more…


So what are you waiting for? Call for help from professional door replacement services that can do it for you in just one day or less. This will not only ensure that you’ll have complete security but that your office will look its best as well.

We pride ourselves on being the go-to company for all sorts of commercial doors. If you are looking for high-quality doors that are both secure and functional, then King Door and Lock is your best choice! With us at your side, you can expect only the best from us – expert installation, clean work, and competitive prices.


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