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When most people think of home security they immediately believe that this means protecting against intruders trying to break into their homes. There is more than that, however, and most people do not realize the different types of locks available to them for security purposes. This article will focus on three common lock types: keys, cylinders, and deadbolts.

When most people think of keys, they immediately think of old metal keys similar to those used in the movies for opening up secret passageways and locked treasure chests.

Keys are still used today, but instead of being made entirely of metal, they can now be either plastic or metal. Plastic keys come as a standard key that is mass-produced by the thousands and is very inexpensive, or they can be custom-made. They do not last as long as metal keys but they are just as effective.

The main difference between different metal key types is based on their material composition. Different metals have varying amounts of flexibility which causes them to bend differently when force is applied to them. This is especially true for the tumblers that are part of the lock mechanism.



Cylinders are often referred to as bolts, and while they are not used to lock doors, they are often used in locks that are responsible for locking doors.

Cylinders come in two types: pin tumbler cylinders and wafer tumbler cylinders.

Pin Tumbler Cylinders contain pins of varying lengths inside the cylinder, while Wafer Tumbler Cylinders have flat metal pieces inside of them. Pin tumbler cylinders are the most common type of cylinder and they come in two other types: master keyed and restricted keyed.

When the key is inserted, each pin or wafer will raise to a different height which allows the cylinder plug (the part of the mechanism that turns) to move freely within the lock casing.

Wafer Tumbler Cylinders are less expensive than pin tumbler cylinders but they are not as secure and cannot be used as frequently as pin tumbler cylinders.

Master Keyed Cylinders allow any individual who has a master key access to all doors which use that master key; Restrict Keyed Cylinders, however, do not allow such access.

These cylinders are often used in office spaces and public bathrooms to limit entry into the facilities.


Are double cylinder deadbolts safe?

A double-cylinder deadbolt is much more secure than a single-cylinder but if you are looking for the most security it would be best to purchase a double key deadbolt.

These are the type of locks that will require two keys in order to open, one on each side of the door, adding another level of safety because someone cannot hold a key to the inside of the door while someone else unlocks it from the outside.

This is why most apartment complexes have these types of locks on their exterior doors.

Another advantage to using a double cylinder deadbolt is that they are able to be locked even when you are inside your home so if you need to run downstairs or out into your yard to grab something from your car, you won’t have to bother with keys because the door will be locked.



The term deadbolt is a little bit misleading because these locks do not actually participate in keeping intruders out of homes; they simply lock the door handle from turning and thus keep the door closed.

A deadbolt looks like a large metal bolt that slides into the door to keep it locked in place. The only thing keeping them from breaking is the lock cylinder or key that holds them into place; without this, they would be completely useless.


Deadbolts come in two varieties: single-cylinder and double-cylinder

A single-cylinder deadbolt only requires power from one side of the door, whereas a double-cylinder deadbolt requires power from both sides.

Single-cylinder locks are commonly used on exterior doors because it is assumed that if someone wanted to break into the house, they would enter through one of the windows first and thus have access to the other side of the door.

Double-cylinder locks are often used on interior doors or any other set of doors that require more security.

There are other types of deadbolt styles which include round bolts, thumb bolts, and Euro profile cylinders, but they are not commonly used in home applications.


Are deadbolts safe?

Deadbolts are not used to keep intruders out of homes, but rather to lock the door in place.

These locks are only secure if the locking mechanism is strong enough to resist being broken by a burglar or other criminal.

If you are looking for additional security options, it may be best to simply use a chain on your exterior doors.

When you are looking to improve the security of your home, it is best to consult with a locksmith or other professional who can better assess your options based on what you have available at home.

However, deadbolts are not recommended for use in some types of construction because they may actually pose more danger than good.

If a deadbolt does not fit tightly in a door, it may prevent the locking mechanism from reaching both sides of the door. This would leave one half of the door completely open while locked on the other half which creates a potential safety hazard.

In some cases, it is best to use a keyed lock cylinder instead of a deadbolt because many homeowners find that they are able to get into their homes quickly unless there is some sort of emergency.


Are security keys worth it?

Security keys are a great idea because they prevent people who do not have the key from using lock picks or bump keys to open the door.

However, if someone really wanted to break into your home and was determined enough about it, nothing could stop them – especially if there is no one physically around to hear you scream.

If you are looking for a more secure option, you should look into replacing your lock cylinders with restricted keyed or master keyed cylinders or installing deadbolts on all of the doors.


Can security keys be copied?

No, they cannot.

Security keys are made with special pins inside of them that make it nearly impossible to re-create the key if it is lost or stolen.


What kind of lock do front doors typically have?

Most front doors have deadbolt locks, but some also use a regular lock cylinder on the door handle to keep it from turning.


How can you make your door more secure?

The most secure option for your home is to change the lock cylinders on all of the doors and use master keyed or restricted keyed cylinders. Replacing your door locks with deadbolts will also increase their security, but not by much.

Do you want to know more about the different types of security keys?

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