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Commercial burglary is a common problem for businesses of all sizes.

Every day, businesses are broken into and valuable property is stolen. This can be very disruptive and costly for companies.

Installing a new commercial door will make your business more secure. King Door and Lock offer a wide variety of commercial doors that are strong and durable and will keep your property safe from burglars.

Burglars are looking for weak points in your security. A new commercial door will make it more difficult for them to access your facility.

Some of the most common types of new commercial doors that are good at keeping burglars out are metal, fire-rated steel, and fiberglass models.

These new doors are very secure because they have hinges on all sides so they cannot be ripped off or pried open easily. The new doors you choose should always have a high-quality deadbolt locking mechanism as well.


Types of Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are an important part of commercial construction, as they provide people access to warehouses, office buildings, retail stores, and other facilities.

While new commercial doors are often chosen for their affordability or durability, there are several different types of commercial door styles that can be selected to best suit the specific needs of a given facility.

1) Rolling Steel Doors

These rolling steel doors offer both style and security for commercial properties. They can be great at providing protection against flooding, along with fire damage due to the tight seal these doors create.

These steel rollers will open quickly but smoothly requiring less effort than other types of commercial door installations. Additionally, they can support up to 375 pounds allowing them to work well alongside freight elevators or conveyor systems.


2) Overhead Steel Doors

These overhead steel commercial doors are quick and easy to install. They can swing outward or inward, allowing for them to be installed on new commercial building construction.

The only thing required during the assembly of these new doors is the installation of four bolts, which can provide a reliable seal against water damage and other environmental hazards.

These new overheads come with hardware that minimizes the amount of downtime experienced by door technicians, but they require fewer pieces than most new commercial door models.


3) Fiberglass Reinforced Commercial Door Systems

Although fiberglass may not seem like an ideal option for new commercial doors because it is not as durable as steel, its lighter weight makes it easier to use in certain situations.

If you have new construction and you need new commercial doors installed quickly, fiberglass might be the best choice.

This new commercial door system is also a great option to use if you tend to have hills because the new commercial doors will not rust or corrode easily.


4) Aluminum Door Systems

While aluminum has been around for about as long as steel, it is used less often than steel when new commercial doors are installed on buildings.

Aluminum can still provide great protection against water damage and floods due to its tight seal, however, it doesn’t handle extreme weather conditions as well as other material types.

It is lightweight which can make it easier to install on new construction compared with some other new commercial door systems that require professional assistance for installation.


Benefits of A New Commercial Doors

  • New commercial exterior doors provide a new and updated appearance to your business.
  • New commercial doors can also be purchased to complement and match the existing style of your building.
  • New commercial doors can also provide increased security with stronger materials and better locks as well as needing less maintenance due to their longer lifespan.
  • New commercial exterior doors can increase comfort for customers as it helps create a more inviting atmosphere as they enter your place of business.
  • New commercial exterior doors are an easy way to improve the look and security of your place of business.
  • New commercial exterior doors can provide new opportunities for increased marketing exposure.
  • New commercial doors can be an inexpensive way to give new life to your existing building or property.

FAQs About Why Getting A New Commercial Door Will Make Your Business More Secure


Do new commercial doors really make a difference?

Substantial research has indicated that new commercial doors can help to prevent crime and increase your business’s security.

If you are looking for new ways to protect your business, new commercial doors are an effective option.

Whether you need new standard-style or custom-made doors, new commercial doors can provide additional safety benefits because they are strong, sturdy, strong locks, and have the potential to reduce the amount of crime at your location.


How long does it take for new commercial doors to be installed?

Technicians can have new standard-style or custom-made new commercial doors installed within one day if necessary.

After improvements are made, technicians will test all new components before wiping down surfaces clean.


Do new commercial doors actually increase my business’s security?

Recent studies have indicated that new and improved security features and new commercial doors can assist in reducing crime.

This is due to the fact that new commercial door systems offer significant physical protection from thieves because they are strong, sturdy, safe to use, and require specific tools for entry.


Are new commercial doors really better than old ones?

Typically new commercial doors are considered more secure because quality standards for them are much higher than those set for older models of new commercial door systems.

New commercial exterior doors must pass stricter regulations when tested for performance against attempted break-ins or forced entry into a place of business in addition to being stronger and better constructed in general in order to be sold on the market.


My new commercial door is already built, are new commercial doors complicated to install?

Most new commercial doors are designed for ease of use and require little or no maintenance.

New commercial exterior doors can be installed in your place of business without too much trouble.

Some new doors might require professional installation because they utilize advanced security features which may make them incompatible with existing alarm systems or other components used with your location’s new commercial door system.


Are new commercial doors expensive?

New commercial exterior doors vary greatly in price depending on the style and type of new commercial door you choose and whether or not it is prefabricated or custom-made.

Some prefabricated new commercial doors are considered affordable and new custom-made new commercial doors tend to be more expensive.


What new security features do new commercial doors offer?

Depending on the type of new commercial door you choose, new components such as deadbolts and high-security locks can help to increase the safety of your property.

New commercial exterior doors that are considered most secure often come fitted with new automatic locks that require a key or passcode for entry so they cannot be easily compromised by burglars and thieves.


What new commercial doors are the best for security reasons?

The new commercial doors with the highest level of new security features and construction tend to be new custom-made new commercial exterior doors because they are built from scratch with new materials.

Additionally, some prefabricated new commercial door models represent a significant investment in terms of safety and security.


Do new commercial doors have an impact on my property value?

New commercial door systems have been shown to have a positive effect on the market value of a company’s or building’s physical appearance.

When you install new commercial doors that meet your specific business needs, you can increase your facility’s curb appeal which can lead to higher levels of traffic coming through your door as well as increased exposure from new commercial door visitors.


Are you looking for a more secure business?

A commercial door is a great way to increase the security of your business. King Door and Lock can provide you with a new commercial door that will make it much more difficult for criminals to break into your property.

Not only will our new commercial doors make your business more secure, but they will also improve the appearance of your building. We have a wide variety of doors to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your business.


Give us a call today at (800) 231-5499 to learn more about our commercial doors or email us at

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