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You’ve decided that you want a biometric lock installed in your home or office, but you’re not sure where to start.

There are a lot of different companies that offer biometric lock installation services, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

We’ve put together a list of 21 questions to ask when choosing a biometric lock installation company.

This will help you narrow down your options and find the company that’s right for you.


25 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Biometric Lock Installation Company


1) What is a biometric lock??

A biometric lock is a type of lock that uses unique physical characteristics to identify an individual. This could include fingerprints, handprints, or even retina scans.


2) Do you have a license?

This ensures that they are qualified, but keep in mind that just because they have a license, it doesn’t mean that they’re experienced.

Make sure to ask about their experience with residential and commercial locksmith services.


3) What type of training or education do you have?

Ask what types of certificates and licenses the locksmith has earned in order to be an efficient installation for your home or business.

Ask them if they participate in any certification programs such as lock rekeying courses, master key systems, and security assessments.

These certifications show potential customers that the locksmith company is committed to going above and beyond when it comes to providing quality service and products for them.


4) How long have you been operating?

This shows that they are established in their field, which means that they’ve been through some type of vetting process and most likely have a decent-sized client base.


5) Do you provide 24-hour emergency service?

If you feel safer knowing they can provide locksmith services for you at any time, make sure to ask them if their locksmith company provides this type of service.

You don’t want to be left without help when you find yourself in need of immediate assistance with your locks.

It may cost more money to receive emergency services, but it is worth it if the alternative is not having anyone come out to assist you as soon as possible.


6) How many years of experience do you have?

The more experience that the locksmith has under their belt, the better they will be able to meet your needs as a potential customer.


7) Have you been in business for a long time?

The same as having years of experience, this shows that they have been around the block and have sorted out any issues that could arise with their services.


8) What type of insurance coverage do you carry?

This includes general liability, workers compensation, automobile liability, and premises/operations insurance.

Having all of these different types of insurance means that if anything were to happen during your locksmith session that is the fault on the locksmith company’s part, they are insured to pay for damages or injuries incurred by an event outside of their control.


9) Can you provide me with references from past clients?

This may be hard to find since bio-metric locks are so new, but as time goes on, this will become a common service.

In the meantime, ask if they have any past clients that you could speak with about their services and experience to help solidify your decision for choosing them to be your locksmith.


10) Do you carry any type of specialty locks?

This would include high-security locks such as Bump Resistant Locks or Key Free Electronic Locks.

These types of locks can make your home more secure and protect it from burglars. Talk to the company about what types of products they offer and what is right for you based on your needs and budget.


11) Are you insured?

This protects both you and the installation firm because if anything happens during the installation that is not your fault, they will have insurance to cover the cost of damages and injuries for both parties.


12) Do you belong to any industry associations?

This means that they are committed and want their business to be of the highest quality of service and customer happiness.


13) What type of warranty do you provide on your services?

Warranties can range from one year all the way up to a lifetime warranty depending on what company you choose so make sure to ask them about what kind of warranty they offer with their products and installation.


14) Are you available after hours or on weekends?

Answering yes shows that they either work another job or this is their full-time profession which makes them more accessible when it comes to possible emergencies.


15) Are you the only locksmith in your company?

If so, they might be hard to contact when they are out on other calls making it difficult for them to respond when you need their services.

Another option is if they work with a group of locksmiths and technicians that can assist you in any way possible if one person is busy with another job.


16) Do you provide re-keying services?

Rekeying means changing your current keyed locks to new keys that only you have access to, this prevents others from gaining entry into your home or office without permission.


17) Can I see examples of your work?

Having reviewed and seeing samples of previous installations will help answer all your questions to see if this company is right for you.

Again, since bio-metric locks are still very new, it will be hard to find samples of previous jobs but it never hurts to ask.


18) Do you offer any type of warranty on your workmanship?

This shows that the locksmith company has faith in their services that they stand behind what they say and offer a guarantee on the work that they do.


19) What types of locks do you install?

The more options available for installation means that there is something for every budget and need which makes this company versatile when it comes to meeting customer needs.


20) Do you have employee background checks or drug tests done?

This ensures safety between employees working with the public and your most valuable belongings.


21) Can you provide me with an itemized quote?

This ensures that the installation company will do what they quoted and nothing more, this can be helpful if something needs to be fixed after the installation or you need a payment plan to have it installed at a later date.


22) How long does it take to install locks?

The installation should not take more than a few hours depending on the type of locks you have.

If they answer longer, this could mean that they will charge extra for their time or they are rushing through the job so steer clear of these locksmiths.


23) Will you be installing locks alone or do you bring an assistant?

Since locks keyed alike or re-keyed are safer and preferred, if another locksmith is needed then ask them how much it will cost for labor since different companies charge different rates.


24) Do you provide replacement parts in case something needs fixing later down the line?

This shows that they stand by their work and care for safety which is why they offer those parts in case locks need to be fixed.


25) What forms of payment do you accept?

If the locksmith company only accepts cash, it’s best to look for another locksmith or company that will accept your preferred form of payment.


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