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You may be wondering if a high-security lock is really necessary for your home or business.

With crime rates on the rise, it’s more important than ever to take steps to protect your property and family.

A high-security lock is a great way to deter criminals and keep your loved ones safe. Here are six must-know facts about high-security locks that will help you make the best decision for your needs.


6 Must-Know Facts About High-Security Locks


1. High-security locks provide increased protection and security

High-security locks are stronger than traditional, standard locks. When a criminal attempt to break into your home or business premises, these locks can withstand their attack and protect your property from tampering and damage. A high-security lock will put you at ease knowing that your family is safe.


2. Average criminals don’t have the means to breach high-security locks

It’s important to know that not everyone can open or pick a high-security lock or use bump keys to break in. Many criminals attempt to break in by forcibly turning doorknobs and forcing windows open, but if they try this with a high-security doorknob or deadbolt, they won’t be able to open the lock- regardless of how much force they use.


3. High-security locks are available in various levels of protection

High-security locks come in different security grades with varying numbers of pins, latches, and tumblers. Each lock is designed for different applications; no two high-security locks are completely alike.

Before purchasing a high-security doorknob or deadbolt, talk to your local dealer about your needs and their suggestions for the best product for you. For example: if you need access control on an exterior door that has multiple users, choose a lock with a single cylinder deadbolt function so everyone who needs access can have their own key or passcode without worrying about giving keys away or having to remember complicated combinations.

If you need maximum security and protection, choose a high-security lock with higher pins and more tumblers.


4. High-security locks work for any application

High-security door knobs are available to be installed on the interior or exterior doors, garage doors, patio doors, French doors, side panels, or gates. Each high-security lock is designed to provide increased strength against forced entry through solid wood, hollow metal doors, fiberglass entry doors, steel doors- even thick steel plates up to ¼” thick.

Narrow stile glass can also be protected by installing high-security door hardware that has small stile extensions built into the interior side of the glass channel. This provides added support against forced entry without compromising your view out the window.


5. High-security locks provide increased fire protection

High-security locks are designed with high-temperature components to reduce the spread of heat and protect the lock from warping or damage due to high heat. This is beneficial when you have an exterior door that opens directly against another part of your home where there’s a risk of fire hazards.


6. High-security locks can be easily rekeyed by your local dealer for added convenience

Nothing feels worse than losing your keys, but with high-security locks rekeying becomes quick and easy. If you ever lose your key, give them a call and they’ll send someone out to change the cylinder so you can get back in ASAP! If two people share one key, this is also very convenient when one of them loses their key.


FAQs About High-Security Locks


What are high-security locks?

High security means high quality which means manufactured by trusted high-end brands that go through testing and product evaluations. Higher quality high-security locks are not easy to break into because they’re designed with more pins, tumblers, and engineered materials than standard hardware. The high price also reflects the expertise involved in making high-security locks resistant to forced entry.


What is the best high-security lock for my needs?

Each high-security lock is designed with different pins and tumblers to provide specific protection against forced entry. It’s important to choose a lock that has the highest security grade that matches your needs. If you need access control on an exterior door that has multiple users, one key may be all you need- consider a single cylinder deadbolt function.

For maximum security and protection, look for high-security door hardware with higher pins and more tumblers. If you need fire protection, ask about locks made from high-temperature components which will protect the exterior of your home in case of a fire hazard.


How much do high-security locks cost?

High-security locks can be expensive, depending on your needs. It’s best to talk to your dealer about your security concerns and what high-security lock they recommend for you.


How long will high-security locks last?

If installed properly, high-security doors can last a lifetime! High-security cylinder locks can be rekeyed so you don’t have to change your key every time you lose it or share it with someone else.

High-security doorknobs and deadbolts provide increased strength against attempts to force entry through solid wood, hollow metal doors, fiberglass entry doors, steel doors up to 1/4 thick, narrow stile glass, and steel door plates up to 1/4″.


Do high-security locks prevent lock picking?

Lock picking is an art form where thieves use tools like drills or pick inserted into the keyhole to push each pin-up individually until it retracts completely allowing the doorknob to turn freely without a key. High-security lock cylinders have between 4-6 pins that take twice as long to pick compared to standard door hardware, making high-security locks a great preventative measure against lock picking.

It’s also important to remember high-security locks only protect the exterior of your home from forced entry. If someone breaks into your house through a window or other vulnerability, high-security doors won’t stop them from opening your front door from the inside and letting their friends in!


How do high-security locks work with smart home technology?

Lock manufacturers have been working hard at customizing high-security locks for easy compatibility with smart home devices like fingerprint scanners, keypads, biometric readers, and electronic deadbolt actuators.

You can even program a personal pin code on certain high-security locks for added convenience and high security. In order to set up high-security locks with a specific smart device, the lock must be made by that manufacturer or specifically pre-programmed to work with that device during manufacturing.


What high-security locks are recommended for smart home security?

We recommend high-security locks from the following high-end lock manufacturers: Schlage, Medeco, Baldwin, Mul-T-Lock, and Yale. These high-security brands have been making high-quality high-security hardware for decades and have a proven track record of stand-up service and high-end security features.


What are bump keys and how do they affect high-security locks?

Bump keys work because standard pins can be bumped or pressed down allowing the lock to turn. Our high-security locks have high/low pins which allow the high-security locks to be bump proof.


What causes a high-security lock to open?

A high-security doorknob or deadbolt will not open if it is locked with a key from inside because the set of high/low pins on our high-security locks prevents rotation in either direction, regardless of how much force is used.


What are high-security locks NOT designed for?

High-security locks are not designed to withstand prying, pulling, or other destructive entry methods. We also do not recommend high-security door hardware for use on storm doors because the small stile extensions built into the glass channels can be easily broken off by forceful entry methods (i.e., kicking). high-security locks should only be used on high-security intent applications where high levels of protection are necessary.


Did You Know?

Only high-security locks are tested to meet tough ANSI grade 1 security standards.

What high-security lock do you recommend?

It’s important to choose a high-security lock that matches your needs. If you need high security, it is best to have a consultation with an expert to discuss which high-security locks would best suit your needs.


Do you know what makes a lock high security?


High-security locks are designed to protect against physical attacks, such as drilling and picking. They’re also built with anti-drill plates that resist hammering, chiseling, and sawing. These locks have been tested by independent laboratories to ensure their quality and performance. The best part is they can be installed on your existing door hardware so there’s no need for costly replacement or rekeying.

You deserve the peace of mind knowing your home is secure from break-ins and burglaries – especially when you consider over 2 million homes in the U.S were burglarized last year alone! That’s why we recommend installing high-security locks on all exterior doors including garage doors, front doors, backdoors, side gates…even sliding glass patio doors! Don’t leave any room for error – get these top-rated locks today before it’s too late!


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